MaMa Murano presents Muranese


The project aims to draw attention to the development of Murano glass outside the island of Murano, through a didactic exhibition at MaMa Gallery and a series of meetings at Davide Salvadore’ s furnace where visitors can assist in Muranese artistic glassblowing and glassmaking demonstrations.

3 glass-artists will be told through their work done abroad. A visual path that highlights the needs necessary for the realization of these works, the technical and creative adaptations to which each artist had to submit their own method of procedure.

At Muranese live it will also be possible reserve the entrance at the studio Salvadore and assist a live performance, while some traditional Venetian dishes will be served by Estro Vino e Cucina (10-17 September from 20.00 – 22.00).


For reservations please contact


Aaron Cummins

+39 3311392580


Paid admission €15.00


MaMa Murano . Friday 1st - 30th - September 11 am-10 pm . Fondamenta dei Vetrai 113, 30141, Murano - Venice.