Hugh Findletar is a rather prolific multimedia artist. He was and for the most part still remains a photographer, whose large body of work, albeit varied, is defined by portraiture. 


He has worked in the glass medium for some years now and it’s worth noting that in this new medium of his, the photographer’s “Flower Heads” remains fundamentally portraits in glass. That said, he has evolved his glasswork to include wallflowers or three dimensional flower pieces fashioned to be hung on the wall. They are large in scale, colorful, exquisite, ambitious and beautifully wrought.


This new chapter, Wallflowers, in the artist development, is not at all a coincidence as his had a life-long passion in botany, for flowering plants and such. In fact, his studio is often crammed and charmed by pots of familiar and not-so-familiar plants, flowers. Thus, this is a natural progression and subject for him.


Mr. Findletar’s Wallflower is both a personal and professional realization of an artistic expression expressed in glass. And it is indeed a marked achievement by an artist who isn’t bound by one medium.


Iké Udé 2017


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