John Kiley uses primary geometric forms as the architecture for his deconstructed glass sculptures. Juxtaposed colors and carved optic passageways create a separation of space, allowing the viewer to peer into and through the form.

Often his sculptures are balanced on edge seeming to defy gravity. A Gaffer on Dale Chihuly’s team in the late 1990’s John worked also worked as a principal assistant to Lino Taglipietra from 1994 -2011. He says of his work: “I am drawn to how glass, and its perceived delicacy and preciosity, can create a sense of tension, concern and longing in the viewer. The final decision I make before a piece is complete is how it will be situated. During this final step, there is a moment when I don’t known for sure if it will survive or lie broken on the studio floor. It is in this final step that each piece finds its own unique balance; in this moment the sculpture emerges and comes to life.”


American, b. 1973, Seattle, USA, based in Seattle and San Francisco, USA.


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