In Behrens' sculptures the use of colors inspired by the underwater world come to the fore. Shape and structure remain in focus and define the dynamic aesthetic of the Seaforms on both a micro- and macroscopic level.

 The natural and random appearance is generated by the external shape and characteristic detailed elements. The fine relief-like modeling of the outer shape, the interplay of matt and polished surfaces as well as the cell-like structures emerging from fusing the utilized glass sections. An essential part of creating a new Seaform is the sculptural work on the rigid foam model. Followed by the production of the melting molds and the arrangement of the pre-processed glass pieces in the molds. The melting- and cooling process takes place in custom-built furnaces that are located in Behrens' studio in Dusseldorf. The finish involves sandblasting, grinding and polishing.


Behrens about his work

I began experimenting with glass in 2002. From the very beginning, I was inspired by nature, especially the alteration of the world and its perception, observed through water. Over the years this fascination led me to a profound involvement with the relationship between outer shape and content. Transferring old shapes giving way to a new expressive form language. As with every sculptor, the model is placed in a special context interrelating with its surrounding. While creating glass objects, its transparency needs to be taken into consideration as the sculpture functions as a visible space.“


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